Human beings crave nature

Forging a deep connection with the natural world can bring a sense of peace, balance and satisfaction.

This lively, interesting guide to applied ecopsychology explains how to better engage with nature and draw emotional and spiritual strength from the ecosystem.

Discover how to:

  • become attuned to your multiple senses (including thermoception, chronoception and coriolis)
  • gain awareness of the knowledge your own body has to teach you
  • let go of harmful habits and beliefs
  • learn to communicate with nature and;
  • return to a natural state of balance and peace

The Nature Process can teach you effective stress management skills, promote creative thinking and lead to better mental health.

We decided to make the e-version of this book available freely online following Covid-19. 

Time connecting to nature is a powerful remedy against the stresses of the 21st Century.

You can buy physical copies of the book direct from amazon.  For bulk buys contact Earthself directly.

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