Coaching in the 21st Century

Business as we know it is changing.

As more and more businesses recognise the need to balance people and planet alongside profit, a new way of business is emerging.

Led by purpose and values and a desire to do good, this requires a different approach to coaching.

As coaches we have a responsibility to our clients, to our profession and to the Earth itself.

We need ways of coaching that allow our clients to access the wisdom of the natural world and bring it into their lives and businesses.

As humans we are part of nature.  When we come from a place of connection to nature, we come from a connection to ourselves

This enables us to access greater capacity for creativity and innovation that helps our clients bring forth the business solutions that will create a sustainable world.

The challenge to coaching with nature is that we need to practice what we coach.

To successfully bring nature into your coaching means first bringing nature into more of your life.

We support you to work with nature both indoors and out.

This ensures that you can help your clients connect to nature no matter where they are in the world and harness its power as a source of inspiration and guidance.

Our approach is grounded in the evidence-base of coaching, transpersonal psychology and nature connection.

Coaching with nature plays a vital role within our transition to a sustainable world because it can help leaders and organisations:

  • Develop awareness of the environment in which they function in
  • Align action with purpose to drive impact and influence others
  • Find solutions within the natural world to their most pressing challenges
  • Learn to think and act in a systematic way
  • Create the necessary resilience and growth to navigate the more challenging forms of change

For Existing Coaches Looking to Expand their Skillset

Learn a multi-systemic approach for uniting mind and heart with nature

An existing coach with an active practice, you have a minimum of 60 hours coach training from a reputable training provider.

You have been coaching for at least a year and want bring your love of nature into how you work with your clients.

Part of your own purpose is to coach those who are creating systemic change needed that will lead to the creation of a world that works for everyone.

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Delivered in Two Modules

Over Sixteen Weeks

  • NATUREConnected Framework for Coaching

    8 session module that trains you to coach with NATURE and provides you with the skillset to ensure your clients are in harmony with nature at all times

  • Coaching with The NatureProcess®

    8 session module that enables you to coach from an embodied perspective so you can weave transformative nature experiences into the heart of your coaching

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Program Introduction

    • Welcome to the Program!

    • How to Get the Most out of This Training

    • Nature Experiences

    • Live Training Sessions

  • 2

    Module 1: NatureConnected Framework for Coaching

    • Session 1: Coaching with NATURE: A Model for Transformational Change

    • Session 2: NATUREConnected Framework: What is it, why is it important and how does it work?

    • Session 3: NATUREAware: How to help your clients understand the impact of Nature in life and business

    • Session 4: NATUREDriven: How to help your clients ensure their decisions are aligned with nature

    • Session 5: NATUREInspired: How to help your clients develop solutions inspired by nature

    • Session 6: NATUREThought: How to help your clients think and act like nature works

    • Session 7: NATUREEmbodied: How to integrate nature experiences for optimal performance

    • Session 8: Letting the Earth Teach: How to apply the symbolism and metaphors of nature to your coaching sessions

  • 3

    Module 2: Coaching with The NatureProcess®

    • Session 1: The Nature Process: What is it and how does it apply to coaching?

    • Session 2: Natural Presence: How to deepen your client’s awareness of the natural world

    • Session 3: Natural Body: How to help your client to connect to the wisdom of their body

    • Session 4: Natural Attraction: How to transform your client’s stories and beliefs about their life

    • Session 5: Natural Communication: How to help your client understand the non-verbal language of nature

    • Session 6: Natural Release: How to support your clients to feel part of the natural world

    • Session 7: Designing Meditations & Visualisations: How to develop personalised experiences for your client's growth

    • Session 8: Emotional Rebalancing: How to use The NatureProcess to help a client deal with strong emotions

Designed to Develop You as a Coach

Together, these two modules offer 56 hours of continuing education.

  • 16 hours of Recorded Seminar Training

  • 40 hours of Live Coach Specific Training which includes:

  • * Space to explore your own understanding of coaching with nature

  • * Inquiry into how this will help you develop as a coach

  • * Live demonstrations of coaching with nature and practice coaching with feedback

  • * Mentoring on how to integrate coaching with nature into your existing client base

April & October Start Dates

For a seasonal adventure with nature

Our entire program is delivered online to help you understand how to work with technology and nature to ensure that your coaching is fully relevant for the 21st Century.

Training is delivered in small groups with a maximum of 6 participants to ensure a powerful and transformative experience.

Live sessions are held via zoom and the recorded seminars are hosted in our online learning platform.

Times of live sessions will be co-created with all participants to ensure a fit into your weekly schedule

2021 Start Dates

Week beginning 5th April 2021

Week beginning 25th October 2021

Led by EarthSelf's Director & Lead Coach

Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Tabitha Jayne

With over 10 years of professional coaching with nature experience with a wide variety of clients around the world, Tabitha is also the creator of The NatureProcess® and the NATUREConnected Framework for Coaching.  

"Receiving detailed feedback on my coaching practice with a client was invaluable"

Mark Henderson: Transformational Change Professional Coach - Sweden

Tabitha is passionate about her work and totally committed to it. She is authentic, supportive and generous in her sharing of her own academic journey and coaching experience. It’s fun and you will deepen your own connection to nature with all the benefits that follow.

"Tabitha knows her craft"

Lyn Man: Coaching with Nature Professional Coach - UK

I worked with Tabitha initially as a client for 5 years and then in business for 3 years. She intuitively knows when you are holding back and has developed a range of tools to help you work through the stories and embody the transformation that results. She is dedicated to what she does and ensures all her products and services are of the highest quality.

"Tabitha has her own depth of experience and insight"

Claire Zhu: Transformational Change Professional Coach - Australia

Tabitha's coaching and training have helped me make the transition from banking career to coaching. I highly recommend Tabi as a coach and trainer if you want to experience transformational change yourself. Transformational change with nature is like no other journey. It’s unique, deep and a life long rewarding journey.

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Speak to EarthSelf today and find out if we're a mutual fit

16 week deep dive into transformational change coaching with nature

£3,600 GBP / $4700 USD 

This program can also be delivered in-house and customised for organisational needs

Included in the Investment

  • Lifetime access to any of the updates of training materials in the future
  • Lifetime access to the Transformational Change with Nature Coaching Community for peer support as you continue to embed coaching with nature into your practice
  • 4 x seasonal coaching supervision calls per year for the next year to help you develop your skill set in coaching with nature

Common Questions

  • Do you offer payment plans for the training?

    Yes. We actively work with you to ensure you're able to take part in the training and can tailor payment plans to your specific needs.

  • What's your refund policy?

    We offer no refunds on payments once they're received. This is to ensure that you take the time to speak with us and ensure you're fully committed to the training program before you sign up.

  • What happens if I need to withdraw from the training?

    We understand that exceptional circumstances can happen. Should you need to withdraw from the coach training program we will work with you to ensure this is done in the most sensitive and compassionate manner possible. We will also support you to complete the training at a later date provided it is within two years of your initial withdrawal date.